About the role

We're always interested in connecting with and talking to great people, though we're not actively hiring for this role now. We would love to discuss when and how you can fit in our team.

The challenge: A sophisticated data science platform with a great user interface

  • We offer a flexible data platform enabling businesses to create interactive, data-driven decision tools and automations. Our mission is to combine sophisticated data science with a great user interface and experience.
  • Our frontend is an incredibly important part of our product. It makes our powerful analyses easily accessible. Your job will be to design and implement new features that allow our users to visualize and interact with their data.

The stack

React, Redux(-observable), ES6, Typescript, D3, Webpack

Your profile

  • You are active in the open source community and have created and contributed to projects related to modern frontend technologies.
  • You have a very solid understanding of separation of concerns, design patterns and testing.
  • You enjoy a functional programming style.
  • You have working experience with React, and a strong understanding of its core concepts.
  • You see benefits in static typing - especially of core components and libraries.
  • If you're interested in a UI-focused role, we appreciate a strong understanding of visual design and user experience principles.
  • If you're interested in a role more focused on front-end application architecture, we appreciate a strong understanding of state management, application flow and server communication principles.


Let's schedule a brief 20 minute session to get to know each other.

About us

Who we are

  • Contiamo is a Berlin-based, fast-growing tech company.
  • We are tech-driven and keep a close watch on recent scientific developments and emerging technologies. We love open-source. We are a very international team with interesting people from all over the world (95% of us have relocated to Berlin).

How we work

  • We strongly believe in the importance of uninterrupted time to get stuff done and quality over quantity when it comes to working hours. We prefer to keep our schedule meeting-light and work in a library-like atmosphere during the core hours.
  • We believe the ability to give and get constructive feedback and express divergent ideas is crucial to make innovation come to life. We live a very open discussion culture and prefer the evaluation of ideas based on merit over top-down decision making.
  • We strongly believe in ownership of one's features, from spec to implementation to operation. We also understand that ownership comes with a sense of responsibility towards others that depend on the results of our work.
  • We believe that everybody should be able to find meaning in their work. We match assignments based on both ability and individual interests and discuss your progress and individual needs every 3 months.
  • We don't see people as "resources" and genuinely care about each other. We also understand that there's more than fancy perks and cool events to people's satisfaction and engagement. We continuously work towards an environment providing a lot of autonomy, transparency and development opportunities and rely on everybody's feedback to hold us accountable for maintaining our high standards.

We see the interview process as a mutual opportunity to get to know each other — at eye level. That's why we always strive to respond within hours, not weeks.